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How to Streamline your Service with P.O.M.


Learn why over 100+ companies and 600+ technicians rely on Pool Office Manager Software to help manage their service department. Be able to handle: Openings, Cleanings, Repairs, Closings and more.. without the headaches.


Our streamlined approach to efficiently manage your business has led to many of our customers saying they've had 'Their best year yet'. Have your best year and let Pool Office Manager simplify your business. Try for yourself with Tradeshow Special of a Free 60 day Trial! (Offer Ends 2/29)


  • Scheduling and Route Optimization
  • Detailed Service Reports with Email/Text functionality
  • Integrated Invoicing with QuickBooks and Instant Processing
  • Many more features specifically for Pool Companies!


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Visit Booth 2351 to learn how you can operate at peak efficiency in days!


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About Mike Leone, founder of Pool Office Manager

As a speaker at the Atlantic Pool & Spa Show, Orlando Everything Under the Sun and the International Pool Spa Patio Expo, Mike has spent years helping pool professionals automate their business to achieve sales growth, increased profits and more free time.

Mike founded his own Pool Company in 2011. After struggling to efficiently run the business and wasting countless hours on redundant work, he knew there had to be a better way.  Unable to find a suitable software, Mike created Pool Office Manager to reduce his workload and enable his business to scale.

After using Pool Office Manager, Mike has seen incredible growth and increased profitability ever since, all while working half the time.

Mike will be available throughout the Pool & Spa Show at Booth 2351 to learn more about your business and demonstrate how Pool Office Manager can help you too. 

Email: sales@poolofficemanager.com
Call: 614-710-0074